Develop the skills to

let nature coach

Increased Health, Wellness, & Vitality!
Equipping health & wellness practitioners with the ability to create elevated wellness utilizing Nature's Wisdom.

Advance your SERVICES & WELLNESs
Whether you're a physician, nurse practitioner, or health and wellness coach looking to expand your existing services, or looking to transform your passion for helping others into a prosperous career,
Organic Wellness Coaching is the modality for you.  

Did you know ?

  • More and more physicians worldwide are prescribing Nature to their patients, initiating "nature as medicine" initiatives,  and are seeking more concrete methods utilizing nature to help their patients reduce stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and increase happiness for those with diabetes, mental illnesses and more. Organic Wellness Coaching is that concrete, comprehensive method.


develop your skills to

"Let Nature Coach "

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Nature- Based
Stress Reduction
Nature- Inspired
Elevate your services and wellness by learning nature-centered coach interventions and strategies that can be easily added to any wellness plan.
Are you a creative at heart and wish to offer your clients an innovative, practical tool to help them create thriving behavior using nature and art? Great!
Get a topic specific, nature-based activity and training on how to effectively implement the activity through one of our Creative Expressions of Well-being one (1) hour, online courses.



Become a Certified Organic Wellness Coach

Nature's healing and restorative qualities have long since been acknowledged as beneficial to well-being . Unfortunately, no one has really understood how to consciously tap into these qualities to create elevated wellness experiences upon request …until NOW.
Becoming a Certified Organic Wellness Coach advances your ability to move far beyond merely telling your clients about fragmented wellness practices currently offered by traditional programs. By becoming a Certified Organic Wellness Coach, you qualify yourself to guide  your clients in exactly how to intentionally connect with Nature to fully experience well-being firsthand (mind, body, and spirit). You equip them with the ability to harness power naturally available to them, the power of their well-being, to create the life they desire whenever and wherever they want with ease.
During the 6-month, completely online Organic Wellness Coach Certification Program, students are taught how to comprehensively integrate the core principles of Applied Ecopsychology and coaching psychology to recognize, accurately identify, validate, and mindfully connect to this power, that is the very nature of well-being; and use it to not only increase the wellness of their clients, but to elevate their own as well.
NOW is your opportunity to set yourself and your services above the rest. Ready to reclaim your power and authority on wellness and use it to transport you and your clients from a life of merely surviving to one that is thriving?
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Meet  the Founder

"We need a new understanding of well-being, of who we truly are. We are a part of nature and thoughtfully integrated into the functional circle of nature; to support life, to thrive- both individually and collectively. This is well-being. Nature was established and operates through this basic principle: well-being. Disconnection from nature means disconnection from our support, from our authentic selves. Therefore, let's make every effort, NOW, to remain connected to the very nature which supports us to be that which we are created to be: well-being."
- Dr. Veronica Murray

"What is well-being," is the question that inspired Veronica Murray, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach who holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Ecopsychology and a host of other wellness and coaching certifications, to found and steward The NOW Center for Wellness


It is the answer she received,

"We are well-being,"  that constantly motivates her to share the organic process that helped her accept this answer as truth which resulted in her victorious escape of a life of merely surviving to one consistently thriving.


Dr. Murray advocates her motto "Elevated Service through Elevated Wellness"  by utilizing the skills, experiences, and wisdom she obtained as a wife, mother, nurse, student, teacher, researcher, and Christian to train and certify health and wellness practitioners, coaches, and nurses in the art and science of Organic Wellness Coaching.


-Renee, Regional Coach Supervisor

I can admit that I had disconnected from the essence of self-care and was surviving and not thriving. Going through the sessions with Dr. Murray was incredible. It gave me time to focus on making me more in tune with nature, which meant being more in tune with myself. This new focus helped me to de-stress and step away from burnout.