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Truly Holistic Wellness Interventions

that elevate

Individuals, Professionals, and Organizations

from a state of merely surviving

to one constantly flourishing and thriving! 



  • You have at least 54 energy connections designed to help you prosper in every aspect of your life...YAY!

  • You have been trained to believe you only have 5 energy connections. Causing you to be trapped in continuous survival mode... BOOOOO!

  • Dr. Veronica Murray, not only personally identified and validated at least 49 more connections exists, she developed training models specifically to empower YOU to recognize, utilize, and experience their prosperous rewards... YAY!

  •               you are connected to a support system whose direct purpose is to ensure                  you flourish... YAY!


you have come to the right place to gain the skills & tools you need to mindfully 
connect & thrive.

Meet  Veronica

Veronica Murray, PhD, NBC-HWC is the founder of The NOW Center for Wellness, LLC and creator of the holistic wellness modality, Transformative Wellness Coaching. Dr. Murray provides organic health and wellness programs, as well as, leadership training designed to evoke and support personal, professional and organizational transformation and well-being. 


{(n)ature +(o)f +(w)ell-being}


Every being created by God (be it man, mineral, animal, and plant) live together in balance; harmoniously supporting each other, that all may experience the maximum rewards of their inherent well-being.


Promote the advancement of organic health and wellness practices one person at a time. Through providing individuals, professionals, and organizations comprehensive, wellness-focused training to foster mindful, life-supportive, harmonious connections with fellow well-beings.

Do you know who you are?


A well-being, a synergistic organism naturally adaptable, resilient, and prosperous. 


Want to thrive regardless of your circumstances?

Great!  Veronica can help you with that.

Each service offered is designed and delivered with the intent to blend together physical, emotional, and spiritual support by presenting creative alternatives for clients to positively respond to the various challenges they experience in everyday life.




Learn to successfully develop and implement behaviors that support a healthy lifestyle. 


Ideal for anyone desiring to make changes in his/ her lifestyle: (i.e.) weight loss, increase physical activity, reduce stress, etc. 

Note: Custom Workplace Wellness Programs available

coming soon!



Learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills to run your team, including assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching.


Ideal for anyone in a supervisory role, from people who have just stepped up to a new position to more experienced managers who want to keep on top of their game.



Dr. Murray's platform is: I am Well-being, I am Powerful, which lays out a personal transformation process empowering people to create behaviors that exemplify the power they possess as well-being.

The common theme throughout her journey is one of resiliency and triumph despite tremendous adversity.

connect to the power of your well-being


-Renee, Regional Coach Supervisor

I can admit that I had disconnected from the essence of self-care and was surviving and not thriving. Going through the sessions with Dr. Murray was incredible. It gave me time to focus on making me more in tune with nature, which meant being more in tune with myself. This new focus helped me to de-stress and step away from burnout. 


is your opportunity to thrive.


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