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Create thriving behavior with Nature Art Therapy
Let Nature Coach ...

Coaching with Nature Art Therapy

"Art, Nature, the human body, and the human psyche are so intimately related that it is impossible to think of one without being reminded of the other."
-Marshall McLuhan
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Have you ever experienced the unspoken peace of a sunset? How about being soothed by the gentle summer breeze, the warm embrace from a puppy or the rhythmic sounds of ocean waves or a summer rain? If so, you know the powerful influence Nature plays in our well-being. This is a phenomenon that occurs naturally and not something we have been taught. But how? What if we could create, and re-create, at will, these balancing, healing, and restorative moments? What if you could learn to "Let Nature Coach" you in how to deliberately connect with the Nature which surrounds you for immediate:
  • stress-reduction
  • increased resiliency
  • support & sustainability
  • clarity & self-awareness
  • increased response-ability to the current situation/ circumstance
What if I told you, you can! Creative Expressions of Well-being is a comprehensive blending of Eco-Art Therapy (a traditional art therapy and Applied Ecopsychology fusion) and Coaching Psychology that offers participants a creative process to connect to the power (energy) of Nature which surrounds to that which is within.
We all have an inherent ability to dialogue with Nature. Through hands-on, interactive nature-connectedness activities, creative wellness-centered prompts, and natural attractions' led participant engagement and discussions, participants are afforded the opportunity to strengthen their ability to effectively communicate with Nature using our shared inherent language.