Certified Organic Wellness Coach & Educator
Transformative Speaker

I am a Holistic Entrepreneur.

My love + life + work + spirituality are not separate.

Dr. Veronica Murray was at the height of her nursing career when she came to a life altering realization. She was so busy attempting to restore the health and wellness of everyone else she knew and loved, she had not noticed she had lost sight of her own. Using food to self-medicate the symptoms she experienced from chronic burnout syndrome (i.e. excessive stress, fatigue, insomnia) resulted in her becoming morbidly obese and on the verge of receiving a diabetes type 2 diagnosis. Simultaneously, she noticed fellow co-workers had fallen victim to the same preventive diseases and taking just as many medications as their patients. Regrettably, this is commonplace throughout the entire healthcare industryIt was this realization that led to her exodus from nursing and ultimately, her return to nature where she sought and found a revolutionary approach to holistic wellness.

"How can I truly be of service to my patients, my family, and my community if I am sick? And I downright refuse to have my life dictated by a butt load of medications and health limitations that I could have prevented", Dr. Murray declared.


Through much prayer and meditation, she sought a direction in higher learning that would allow her to return to the healthcare field with a truly holistic solution minus the use of pharmaceuticals. Dr. Murray understands that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. As a result, she stepped outside of the box from the traditional methods of addressing health and wellness and immersed herself in fields of Applied Ecopsychology and Coaching Psychology. Dr. Murray integrated the basic principles of these two newly emerging disciplines to develop and conduct a qualitative study conceptualizing well-being, in and as Nature. After successfully defending her dissertation, An Autoethnography in Greenwave-54: Reconciling with Well-being, she was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Ecopsychology. But not before becoming one of the first two thousand coaches, worldwide, to earn the esteemed national board certification for health and wellness coaching credential by qualifying and sitting for the exam offered by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (in partnership with the National Board of Medical Examiners). 

After victoriously redefining well-being as a culmination of her seven-year empirical study, Dr. Murray returned to the health and wellness community as an Organic Wellness Coach and Educator, where she pioneers the discipline she developed, Organic Wellness Coaching. To further foster her devotion to propagating a holistic wellness minded generation, Dr. Murray also works as a Professor for an online university teaching Applied Ecopsychology and EcoArt Therapy courses. She also an active National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee member where she zealously advocates "Let's celebrate who we are. We are all one...we are all well-being."

transformational speaker

"As a transformational speaker, I use storytelling to teach people easy to understand ways to activate a change of mind and create the life they desire for themselves.
My intention is not to merely inspire or motivate; but instead evoke change in thought and action. My presentations, themselves are the transformative agent that activates change."