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Organic Wellness Coach Certification

Elevating Wellness by connecting the power of Nature which surrounds you to that which is within you.

organic wellness Coaching

The Radical Approach to Creating
a Thriving Lifestyle
"When you want to build a ship, do not begin by gathering wood, cutting boards, and distributing work, but awaken within the heart of man the desire for the vast and endless sea."
-Antione de Saint Exupery
If ever there is a statement to best summarize the how and why of Organic Wellness Coaching's approach to well-being, Mr. Exupery's does. 
With the "go out and gather wood, cut boards, and distributing work" approach, the ship is constructed with just enough care to be able to call the structure a ship. One that may or not even stay afloat, let alone set sail. Problem is these type of ship builder are mentally standing on land. They are not on board the ship and had no intention to be. Tragically, this mentality is the foundation of the approaches implemented throughout traditional wellness coach programs.
This is where Organic Wellness Coach (OWC) Training and Certification stands above the rest. While the wellness coach programs currently available teach its coaches using "stand on land" methods, OWC specializes in an evidence-based "getting on board" with wellness approach, thus "awakening within the heart" of its coaches "the desire" for well-being. 
Employing the foundational tenets of Applied Ecopsychology, Coaching Psychology, and Christian philosophy,
Organic Wellness Coach Training equips its pupils with the skills to "Let Nature Coach" strategic processes which create moments to experience the full benefits our well-being, now. Additionally, they learn how to apply those life-changing experiences to advance traditional wellness practices; thereby, elevating their client's wellness through elevating their own.